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Lynn Tech Mission Statements

Mission Statements

LVTI Mission Statement

The mission of Lynn Vocational Technical Institute is to provide students with the academic and technical skills necessary to be college and career ready.  We are committed to fostering and promoting a strong work ethic that will enable students to become productive, respectful and responsible adults.

Our Goals

  1. To use evidence-based teaching practices and instructional technologies to teach the content in the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.

  2. To increase family and community involvement.

  3. To provide ongoing professional development to the staff.

  4. To provide students with guidance and support services that help to enrich their vocational, technical, academic, physical and social development.

  5. To provide a clean, safe, and welcoming school environment free of bullying, discrimination and harassment.

  6. To carry out the School Improvement Plan by using data to evaluate and inform curriculum.

  7. To expand the integration of vocational and academic education.

  8. To continually examine our CVTE programs and offer shops that will prepare students for careers in emerging local and global industries and trades.  

LVTIAA Mission Statement

To promote Friendly Relations among graduates and former students of Lynn Vocational High School, Lynn Trade, and Lynn Vocational and Technical Institute.

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