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LVTI Hall of Fame Application


*** Please review the following Nomination Form and Achievement Questionnaire,

then DOWNLOAD the form at the bottom of this page, fill it out and return to Bart Conlon no later than March 15, 2022.


Explanation of Hall of Fame Categories

1).  Academic Achievement at LVTI.

2).  Academic Achievement after LVTI - List Courses taken or degrees achieved.

3).  Professional Accomplishments.

4).  Military Accomplishments.

        *Note: This Category is for rank and outstanding performance. A heroic act entitles the nominee to a separate evaluation under category 10.                Also, if the nominee received any medals or commendations resulting from their military service, then this entitles the nominee additional                    consideration under category 11.

5).  LVTI Athletic Achievement.

6).  Other Athletic Accomplishments – Amateur or Professional

        *List Professional or Amateur accomplishments here. For example if the nominee played 10 years for the Boston Red Sox or made the Olympic            team, then that must be considered here. If the nominee was voted most valuable player, was on a championship team or won an Olympic                medal, then the nominee is entitled to have that evaluated additionally in category 11.

7). Nationally recognized abilities or skills.

       *This is NOT a sports category. It is a skill category related to other abilities such as chess or bridge champion, an expert on a particular                     subject, artistic talents or any other noteworthy skills.

8).  Humanitarian Accomplishments.

        *This category is for activities involving issues contributing to the improvement of human welfare and the promotion of charitable and religious            causes. This would involve like being a Peace Corps volunteer, caring for and helping the poor and sick or otherwise helping the                                disadvantaged.

9).  Contributions to Society.

        *Local political activity, Little League coaching, Scout leading, School Committee members, Alumni Association Members should be evaluated            here.

10).  Heroic acts or deeds.

          *A person who was the recipient of an award or otherwise recognized, for an act of physical bravery, would be evaluated here.

11).  Recipient of significant award or honor.

          *This category is for the winner of an Olympic medal, a person honored by a National Organization or participated on a championship team.

12).  Other.

          *Any noteworthy attribute, situation or circumstance not otherwise covered. An example would be where a nominee’s family has through their              actions, deeds or abilities, brought credit to the nominee.

LVTI Hall of Fame Application


Nomination Form and Achievement Questionnaire

Please attach a Resume to this form with details of each category that states the particular reason that category was selected. Send the form, resume and any backup information to;


Bart Conlon

133 Commonwealth Rd

Lynn, MA. 01904



Nominations Close on March 15, 2025



Name of nominee______________________________________________________________________


Telephone _________________________________________     Graduated Year__________________

Faculty Member from Year __________ to Year ___________





1 (  ) LVTI Academic Achievement                      7 (  ) Nationally Recognized abilities or Skills

2 (  ) Other Academic Achievement                    8 (  ) Humanitarian

3 (  ) Career Achievement                                   9 (  ) Contributions to Society

4 (  ) Military Achievement                                 10 (  ) Heroic acts or deeds

5 (  ) LVTI Athletic Achievement                        11 (  ) Recipient of Significant Award or Achievement

6 (  ) Other Athletic Achievement                      12 (  ) Other

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